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Dr. Allen on the Trucker Network Radio Show

Dr. Allen was recently on the Trucker Network Radio Show discussing about sleep, lack of sleep, and how it affects our brains.

The episode is titled “What Happens in The Brain When We Sleep or Have Insomnia”.

Click here for more information and for a way to listen!

Dr. Allen is President of the Clinical Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Society

Our own Dr. Rebecca Allen has been inaugurated as the President of the Clinical Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Society, a professional group with over 1000 members worldwide.  The Clinical TMS Society is the go-to organization for clinical expertise, the latest research, and advocacy for better insurance coverage.  Dr. Allen leads a 24-member Board full of prestigious members and top researchers in the field.

Dr. Allen On Healthy Tips After 50 Podcast

Dr. Rebecca Allen joined host Susan Rosin on her podcast Healthy Tips After 50 Podcast to talk about interventional psychiatry. The episode is entitled What is Neuropsychiatry? Dr. Allen and Susan discuss TMS, ECT, ketamine treatments, and VNS (all treatments offered at SeattleNTC) as well as current clinical studies SeattleNTC is participating in – including a psilocybin study!

You can find the episode on YouTube, Apple podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and the Healthy Tips website.

Dr. Bess On The Abundance Alchemist Podcast

Dr. Bess was recently featured on the Abundance Alchemist Podcast, discussing the treatment options for depression that SeattleNTC provides, including ECT, other brain stimulation therapies, and Ketamine. He and host Caitlyn Dorsey talk about stigma around chronic mental illness and treatment, media portrayals, and how brain stimulation therapies can help those with treatment resistant depression feel better than just ‘good enough’ and achieve remission.

Have a listen! The episode is titled “There Are Other Options With Psychiatrist Dr. Joshua Bess”. You can find it either on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Latest ECT Publication by Dr. Borisovskaya

We are excited to share that Dr. Anna Borisovskaya, SeattleNTC’s Director of ECT Services, has a newly published article in the Journal of ECT, entitled “Postanesthesia Recovery Unit Optimization for Patients With Postictal Agitation Secondary to Electroconvulsive Therapy”.

Dr. Borisovskaya states that “this quality improvement project was done at the Seattle VA jointly with Anesthesiology, Psychiatry, and Nursing departments to estimate how often we had to deal with postictal agitation following ECT, and whether we had to adjust the number of nurses working in the PACU, to help with managing this common side effect of ECT. Not surprisingly, we recommended having more staff to help with patient care, based on significant needs during the recovery of patients experiencing postictal agitation.”

You can read the paper here.


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