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About Us

Why SeattleNTC?

When depression has you ready to give up, you need doctors who won’t. SeattleNTC is the Northwest’s leading clinic for treatment-resistant depression and other hard-to-treat psychiatric conditions like bipolar disorder, OCD and PTSD. Ours is the only clinic in Washington state offering all major cutting-edge FDA-approved treatment options, including TMS, esketamine, ECT and other options for hard-to-treat conditions that have not improved with medications and therapy.

Our psychiatrists are affiliated with Swedish Medical Center and are clinical faculty with the University of Washington. SeattleNTC engages in research and the implementation of innovative new therapies to advance psychiatric practice. Our psychiatrists are recognized as experts in the field and are often invited to speak at local and national conferences about the methods SeattleNTC uses to treat our patients. 

Our Treatment Approach

At SeattleNTC, our focus is helping you get back to your life. Our team is tenacious and here to walk with you through every step of your recovery journey. Because ours is a collaborative environment, patients benefit from the expertise of every one of our doctors. 

Our approach addresses the entire nature of each patient – the biological, psychological and social – to find the right path forward. Whether a patient has struggled for months or years, we offer remarkably effective options with an exceptionally high rate of response for the care of our patients and their families. We have the experience to help.


  • “I would say that SeattleNTC is an incredible partner for anyone suffering any kind of mental health issue. Again, I can primarily speak for those with depression, but I would tell anyone who’s dealing with mental health issues: SeattleNTC is on the cutting edge. The staff and the doctors are extremely caring and extremely talented people. Compassionate. Very interested in the outcome and the ongoing of all their treatment.” —Karen H.
  • ”I am so happy to say I had very successful results starting four years ago. Depression to me means a lack of energy and a desire to turn inward. I have felt new energy and sociability since starting TMS. TMS worked so well that I am willing to come forward…with the suggestion that those suffering depression try TMS.” —Tom
  • ”The overall result: life changing. Not being depressed anymore. Didn’t expect it would work at all, but mainly because I didn’t want to get my hopes up. It was a great surprise to be healed.” —Brenna
  • "The physicians at SeattleNTC are wonderful and I felt they really listened to my needs as a patient. I never knew how much I could enjoy the quality of my life as I do now that I’m depression-free." —Kari
  • "I was skeptical it would work because I’d been on medications and seen so many doctors. Things were so dark, time felt so long. Hours felt like days, days felt like weeks. Life just feels so much better now. The biggest change is just being able to go about my daily life and my relationships are so much better. I would say that SeattleNTC is an incredible partner for anyone suffering from mental health issues. They are on the cutting edge; the staff and the doctors are extremely caring and talented." —Karen M.
  • ”Three biggest changes in my life: I wake up every morning with gratefulness that I am happy, my energy level is off the charts, and my family is no longer suffering due to my depression.” —Jessica
  • "Even on medication, I experienced depressive episodes and had to drop classes. Grades were inconsistent as a result, and I had to take off long periods of time. In the past year, since starting TMS, I haven’t dropped any classes and am getting good grades again." —Erica
  • I just kind of sunk into a hole, cut off all my social communities, had no contact with my prior groups, and all I could do was sort of force myself to go to work, then go home. SeattleNTC introduced me to TMS and overnight, it’s like I came back to life. Everything changed. I’ve reconnected with my church groups, my community, my work and my family. My wife is very grateful, and my kids are happy to have me back. —Jim
  • I was seriously depressed for over a year and medication was not helping. After about three weeks of TMS treatment, I started to feel better and now I feel better than I ever have. I can’t recommend SeattleNTC enough! All of the staff was knowledgeable and kind. —S.R.


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