Telehealth | SeattleNTC


SeattleNTC is dedicated to the health and safety of its staff and patients. We understand that your medical care is essential, and that you need to be able to see your doctors during this time.

As such, SeattleNTC is now offering remote initial and follow-up visits via telehealth at In place of visiting in person, you may now visit your doctor remotely using your home computer, tablet, or phone. If you are interested in this option:

  1. Confirm with our staff or your insurance provider that telehealth visits are covered with SeattleNTC. Nearly all insurance companies are covering telehealth at this time.
  2. If you need any help finding if your insurance will cover telehealth, please let us know at 206-467-6300, extension 3. If your company has a human resources (HR) department, they may be able to assist as well.

Virtual clinic –

SeattleNTC’s telehealth platform is, and it works well through either Google Chrome or Safari. Simply navigate to in your web browser. You do not need to download any software or register. Please take a moment before your visit to test out and ensure your camera and microphone are working. If you need help with, please let our front desk staff know at 206-467-6300, extension 4.

Thank you!